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Is it actually free?


Yep! Our youth programs are completely free for young women aged 10 – 25 yrs. We are able to provide this through our Sparity program, where adult participants pay to sponsor a place for our youth participants. For more information about this please see The Boxing Project.


Where are the classes?


Please see our YBW for the list of locations and addresses.

Can I do this with my daughter/sister/client or can I watch? 


For our youth programs we only allow those aged 10 – 25 yrs to participate. Our program is specifically designed to build resilience in young women which trying something new on your own is a big part of.  We also don’t allow anyone not participating to watch to ensure it is a safe space for all youth participating. 

How do I enrol in a class?


Click ENROL on the program you are interested in (found on the YBW), input your information and read through our Terms and Conditions, and submit. 


I've enrolled online, what do I do now?


Once you’ve enrolled online, you rock up to the program location you chose for the next session. There is no waiting period. 

What should I wear/bring?


Anything you can move in is fine, enclosed shoes are a must. Bring a water bottle, and if you have them, hand wraps and a yoga matt. We provide all boxing gloves and pads, but if you have your own you’d prefer to use please bring. 

Is this a self defence class?


The best defence is to gain the ability to speak up on your own behalf and to honor your boundaries.  Our program is designed to build the confidence and self-advocacy that you need. 


I've never really done much exercise, will I be ok?


The Boxing Project is designed for all abilities and body types.  Whether you’ve played sports for years or never exercised in your life, we encourage you to come and try your best. 


I've never boxed before, does that matter?


Almost all of our participants come with zero boxing experience. We take time to help you learn the basics. 

Is it safe? Will I get punched in the face?


Our classes are strictly non-combat boxing, meaning no sparring/fighting. All participants have agreed to our terms and conditions which state no violence or aggressive behaviour. 

What does it mean by "workshop"?

Our classes are split equally between non-combat boxing and peer-lead  discussions. These can be a mix of casual chats, guest mentors, practical how-tos and mental health support. 


Why is it for women/girls only? 


YBW welcomes females, female aligned and non-binary persons. This project was created to address challenges being faced by women. We seek to provide a safe space that offers support and encouragement. 


Can adults join in?


Over the age of 25 you can participate by:

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